Shared Services Canada

Email Transformation Initiative

The Government of Canada currently has over 100 separate email systems.

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Goal: Moving 43 partner organizations

Data Centre Consolidation Initiative

The Government of Canada is consolidating and modernizing its data centres.

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Goal: Move more than 300 Government of Canada data centres to fewer than 20

Telecommunications Transformation Initiative

Telecommunications includes the transmission of data and voice within and across the Government of Canada.

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Goal: Move the Government of Canada to single infrastructure

Workplace Technology Devices

The Government of Canada is implementing an enterprise approach to the procurement of workplace technology devices and related software,

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Goal: Standardize, consolidate Workplace Technology Devices for GC


  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Portal

    Starting in July 2016, Shared Services Canada procurements will be initiated using the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Portal, a new system that electronically manages the procurement to payment processes. P2P will enable SSC to modernize business practices, expedite processing and payment with suppliers, and improve the end-to-end service delivery experience for our customers.

  • SSC and the CRA collaborate successfully to improve digital service delivery for tax season

    As Canadians prepared their tax information, Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) Service Delivery Management (SDM) Branch worked hard behind the scenes, collaborating with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), to lead the Tax Filing Infrastructure Readiness (TFIR) 2016 pro.

  • Government of Canada Modernizes Data Centre

    May 24 2016 – The Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced a multi-year $322 million contract to Uptime Infrastructure Partners for the expansion of Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) Enterprise Data Centre (EDC) Borden, located at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, Ontario.


  • Shared Service Canada's (SSC) role during an emergency situation is to provide support for the information technology (IT) infrastructure used by federal organizations to respond quickly to crises and deliver services to Canadians.

    To respond to the wildfire in Fort McMurray, SSC has:

    • delivered portable computing devices, as needed by partners, and distributed air cards and rocket sticks to connect to wireless networks;

    • provided wireless hubs, cell phones and satellite phones to enhance communications capacity;

    • maintained email and BlackBerry services for federal employees in the affected area;

    • ensured network and telephone connectivity for multiple Service Canada evacuation and reception sites;

    • worked closely with telecommunications service providers to account for downed communications towers; and

    • monitored additional wildfires for possible Shared Services Canada support requirements.

  • New Fact Sheets

    Budget 2016
    $463 million to stabilize mission-critical information technology systems and to strengthen IT security.

    Strengthening Cyber Security Protection
    Budget 2016 strengthens the Government of Canada’s cyber-security regime.